Humans are undefeated against all challenges

From the beginning, humans dreamed about the moon, wondering whether the mysterious heavenly object was a god, demon, or a ball of fire that lit the night sky. With the mystery still unresolved, mankind domesticated fire two million years ago. Then, Newton published his theories of gravity approximately 350 years ago. Just over 100 years ago, Einstein contributed his general relativity theory.

Leveraging these breakthroughs, a team of scientist launched a capsule rocket that propelled people to the moon and back. Just fifty years later, billions of humans ubiquitously have more computing and telecommunications power in their pocket than the capsule that took us to the moon. It is only a matter of time, humans prevail over any and all challenges.

Teams are the most powerful tool used by humans

It is indisputable, historic breakthrough innovations are enabled by the incremental contributions of many. The collective power of people organized with persistence unleashes innovation. Teamwork is the enabling tool, creating the Play to Win mindset.

That is how mankind got to the moon in a decade; the way Netflix drove Blockbuster to bankruptcy; and how cab drivers were put out of work by Uber.

The Success Catalyst organizes and leads teams to Play to Win.